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Apple acknowledges dangers of blue light

apple night shift

Apple, in a recent iOS update 9.3, has for the first time acknowledged the harmful effects of blue portions of visible spectrum for the humans. The feature is called “Night Shift” uses your iPhone’s clock and geolocation to automatically set the colour of the display to warmer tones, reducing the blue light.

Its a known fact that higher quantity of blue within while light suppresses the production of sleep inducing hormone – melatonin. While short term effects experienced are the sleep disorders, the long term effects can be as severe as diabetes, cardio disorders, obesity and even cancer.

The cool appearance of whiter light has been used in offices, hospitals during daytime to achieve higher lighting levels and to improve alertness.

There are already installations where “circadian lighting” is being used to alter the colour temperature of light throughout the day – cooler during daytime and warmer during evenings, to match our natural rhythm mostly by the use of now available tuneable white LEDs.

Although the studies and science have long backed this concept but established metrics are yet to be found to make circadian lighting a standard for different applications.

(source Apple website)