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Christ Church, Lucknow

Christ Church is a historical building and a school located in the Hazratganj area of Lucknow, India. It is the first English church in Northern India and the third in the country. This 160-year-old Church, situated towards the east of G.P.O. in Hazratganj, was built as a memorial to the dead of the Mutiny for their unparalleled bravery, it was originally known as the Church of England and was designed by General Hutchinson.

It has the characteristic plan of construction in the form of a cross – the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind. The transepts on the two sides of the nave symbolise the arms while the chancel represents the head.

The facade lighting for the structure has been planned to highlight the structure, its features as well as the meaning it stands for. The entire facade including the rooftop is in a monochromatic neutral tone while the peaking structures have been programmed on color changing. Signify Color Kinetics fixtures have been used to realize this effect.

Project Credits:

Lighting Fixtures: Signify Color Kinetics Vaya Series

Signify VAP : Friends Electricals, Lucknow