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DIAL DIALux evo 8.1 Update

With DIALux evo 8.1, DIAL has created a new version of its existing lighting design software, which is now available on their website ( for download – free of charge. With this new update the software is said to be much faster and offers new features to the users. Among the new features are an assistant for importing DWG plans, documentation for zones extending over several floors and a help function. The detailed list of features, improvements & bug fixes in Dialux evo 8.1 is given below.

DIAL Dialux evo 8.1
Download DIALux evo 8.1

New features Dialux evo 8.1:

  • Integrated message window with useful hints and information for support in working with evo
  • Two additonal standard objects: hemisphere and cone (truncated cone)
  • Allocation of luminaires that are located in more than one space can be changed to a particular one for documentation purposes
  • Japanese maintenance factor method according JIEG-001
  • Import wizard for DWG/DXF files (similar to image import wizard)

Changes and improvements of existing features Dialux evo 8.1:

  • Multiselection of single objects with line, field and circle arrangements
  • Image plans that are imported once can be rescaled via import wizard again
  • Change the sorting of road scene results
  • Images can now be deleted in documentation directly
  • Description of objects in project tree is more expressive
  • Speed improvements in working with luminaires and calculation surfaces
  • Speed improvements in loading sophisticated projects
  • Speed improvemtens in exporting DWG files (depends on project size)
  • Speed improvements in rendering documentation
  • Speed improvements in rendering false colours and isolines
  • When creating an object in the scene the allocation (storey, indoor or outdoor) depends no longer on the view that is currently active. The allocation dependends now on object’s position itself.

Bugfixes Dialux evo 8.1:

  • Documentation of surface results objects is sometimes to small
  • Documentation template “All” is extended by luminaire parts list for exterior area too
  • Issue during visualization of results after combining light scenes
  • Issue during calculation of maintenance factors for luminaires which were not assigned to spaces
  • Issue during loading Evo files greater than 7GB
  • Improved import behaviour for IFC, JPEG and Dialux 4 files
  • Improved import behaviour for SAT models
  • Improved undo behaviour for evo road
  • Issue calculating G* classes in evo road according EN 13201:2015
  • Issue during Drag & Drop of skylights
  • Issue duirng Drag & Drop of luminaires
  • Issue during dimensioning of windows
  • Issue during scaling of ASR calculation surfaces
  • Issue during visualization for element rotation
  • Duplicating a road geometry copies arrangements name too
  • Improved translation

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