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SIMES launches New Products – Spring Collection 2020

Italian outdoor lighting manufacturer, SIMES S.p.A launched new line of products in 2020 that marks another milestone in terms of innovation and quality around LED lighting. Essential shapes and extremely small dimensions: miniaturization is the theme of the new collection designed to illuminate the outdoor, “disappearing” within the architecture and the landscape.

The new products includes minimal and micro-lighting products for a variety of applications.

PETIT – Surface step light. Petit is a micro surface step light that directs a defined beam towards the ground. The fixture allows to illuminate paths, outlining walkways throught distinctive lighting effects. The rounded design conceals the fixation screws improving its aesthetics. The reduced dimensions confer a unique light effect deriving from the wall and blending into the surrounding architecture.

5CENTO – Surface mounted step light. 5cento is a versatile step light with limited dimensions and a slim design that can be installed in plasterboard or brickwork. It can be fixed to the traditional electrical junction box or surface mounted; in the first case the driver can be housed directly in the junction box.
With only 22mm of protrusion, 5cento has been developed without visible screws that are totally concealed by a magnetic plate that fixes perfectly onto the body of the luminaire.
Available in 3 versions, 5cento has been conceived with a modular installation system, so that the larger versions can be installed on the smaller electrical junction boxes. 5cento is particularly suitable for residential applications and represents a very user friendly installation system.

TRÈS JOLIE – Applique, free standing table lamp and residential bollard. Très jolie is a complete range that includes a small bollard a wall applique and as a free standing table lamp, available in two different versions: 230V or free standing battery charged.
With a balanced and elegant design, Très jolie has been developed for the living quarters and residential outdoor areas enhancing and blending into the surrounding architecture and landscape.
Superior visual comfort has been obtained through its simplistic forms: its specific tapered stem catches the light, creating soft luminous nuances.  
The free standing table version is a cordless solution that responds to temporary lighting requirements especially in those cases where there is a lack of direct power supply. It also provides a tunable white solution from 3000K to a warmer 2200K.

FLOWER – Adjustable micro projector. Flower is an adjustable micro projector designed and developed with particular attention to proportions so to “disappear” once installed. Available in two sizes, small and tiny, Flower is suitable for wall mounted or pole applications and it comes also with an extension arm and ground stake. 
Its clean design is with no visible screws and with a rearward mounted optical system for improved visual comfort and reduced glare. The small dimensions of the fixture require the use of a remote driver.

SPILLO – Wall Applique and bollard with adjustable Stem

POCKET – Slim wall applique.

Pocket is slim wall applique for outdoor with double light emission that designs striking lighting patterns on the wall surface. The fixture is installed through a clip on system and a special base anchored to the wall allowing for a user friendly installation. The complete range is characterized by clean and rounded lines without visible screw therfore enhancing its elegant but sober design. Available in two contained sizes.

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