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UV lighting kills Coronavirus, confirms scientists in China

Scientists at National Health commission have confirmed that UV lighting can be used to kill the coronavirus. Corona virus is sensitive to UV lighting with intensity above 1.5W/m3 and temperatures above 40 degrees with RH above 60%.

Source : South China Morning Post

As per the latest guidance issued by the National Health Commission, China says the coronavirus is sensitive to UV lighting and heat, although the World Health Organisation warns against using UV lamps to sterilise hands or other areas of skin.

Buses are being given UV light “bath” in Shanghai, after they have been wiped by hand and sanitised by the workers manually, as an added protection which claims to remove the virus effectively upto 99.9%.

Coronavirus UV Lighting
Source : China News Service / Metro News

UV light being used to disinfect the outer side of the bus in Shanghai.

Source : China News Service / Metro News

UV light being used on the inside of the bus after manual sanitisation.

UV lighting
Source : China News Service / Metro News

International Ultraviolet Association states that UV light, specifically between 200-280nm (UVC or the germicidal range), inactivates (aka, ‘kills’) at least two other coronaviruses that are near-relatives of the COVID-19 virus: 1) SARS-CoV-1 & 2) MERS-CoV. The effectiveness of UV light in practice depends on factors such the exposure time and the ability of the UV light to reach the viruses in water, air, and in the folds and crevices of materials and surfaces.