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World’s largest kaleidoscope by Stufish

Entertainment architects Stufish has built what they claim as world’s largest kaleidoscope in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The mirrored installation measuring 40m long and 6m wide was installed at the 2022 LEAP technology conference in Riyadh.

It provided guests with a walk-through, immersive experience & exposes one to the natural environment and resources of Saudi Arabia, altering them to represent the transformation of the country.

world's largest kaleidoscope by stufish
Stufish’s kaleidoscope the LEAP 2022 conference

The kaleidoscope was made of LED tiles and tensioned mirror foil – a Showtex product GiantMirror – allowed Stufish to produce a seamless & warp-less finish, with no visual interruptions to the viewer experience.

Stufish screened immersive content made up of scenes of Saudi Arabia’s natural environment on the LED tiles, with imagery as a journey from the bottom of the sea to the sky and stars above the Arabian Peninsula. The presentation was layered with digital effects and reflects off the mirrors to produce a kaleidoscope effect.

At 40m long, 6m high and 3m wide, the kaleidoscope is the world’s largest of its kind, designed with seamless and warp-less mirrors to achieve an ever-expanding environment.

Additionally, another challenge was to create an entry exit design that did not disrupt the seamless content reflected within the Kaleidoscope. This was achieved by the two triangular entry and exit portals at either end.

world's largest kaleidoscope by stufish
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world's largest kaleidoscope by stufish
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Stufish has created further mirror-based installations that it hopes to unveil in the coming year.

The studio brands itself as an “entertainment architecture” practice and is best known for creating set designs for arena concerts by the likes of The Rolling Stones and U2.

It has previously designed the circus-tent-like golden Chimelong Theatre in China and its mass timber temporary venue for ABBA’s virtual Voyage tour is currently nearing completion in the UK.

The 2022 LEAP One Eye on the Stars Conference took place in Riyadh on 1 to 3 February.